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Dal Santo Vladimiro
Research Scientist, Dr, PhD
CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
ISTM - Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Molecolari
c/o Dipartimento di Chimica
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Venezian, 21
20133 Milano

Phone(office): (+39) 02 503 14428
Fax(office): (+39) 02 503 14405
mob.: (+39) 333 3836712

Skype: vladids


February 1997- Degree in Chemistry at the University of Milano, 110/110 marks.

February 2002 - PhD in Chemical Sciences from the University of Milan with thesis on the “Development of heterogeneous catalysts of environmental interest” (Supervisors, Prof. Carlo Dossi, and Dr. Rinaldo Psaro(CNR)).


Academic positions held

December 2001-December 2009 - Research Scientist (permanent position) at Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, CNR, Milano.

January 2010- December 2015 - Senior Research Scientist (permanent position) at Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, CNR, Milano.

January 2015 - Present - Research Scientist (permanent position) at Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, CNR, Milano.

March 2015 - Present - Contract professor at University of Milano Bicocca for the CHEMISTRY course  of the Degree in Physics, Academic Years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.


Running projects

Coordinator of FREECATS NoI (Critical metal free catalysts Network of Infrastructures), 2016-2018, funded by EIT Raw Materials.

Coordinator of BloW-UP RIS (Balkan waste to products, Regional Innovation Scheme), 2017-2018, funded by EIT Raw Materials.

Responsible of the ISTM-CNR Research Unit, in the project I-ZEB, Joint Agreement CNR-Lombardy Region, 2017-2018, funded by CNR and Lombardy Region




From November 2008 to December 2015 he was the responsible of CNR research activity about hydrogen production, uses and storage, research line PM PM.P03.005 “New materials for energy, hydrogen technology and biofuels”. He is member of the working group “Materials for energy” of A4MIt. He's member (appointed as CNR representative) of the Executive Board of the “Lombardy Cluster for Energy and Environment”- LE2C, he's also the coordinator of the working group on FCH technologies. He's meber of the SABs (Strategic Advisory Boards) of the projects POWER UP (FCH-JU) and EMPIR 15NRM03, Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applications.



Main fields:

Materials for hydrogen production.

Heterogeneous catalysts for (stereo)selective reactions.

Current interests:

Current research lines are:

Hematite based photoelectrodes for PEC water splitting;

TiO2 based photocatalysts for hydrogen production by water photosplitting/renewables photoreforming;

heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogen production by steam reforming of renewable (bio-etahanol, glycerol, acetic acid);

heterogeneous catalysts for syngas production by bio-methanol decomposition;

SHB (Supported by Hydrogen Bonding) heterogeneized molecular catalysts (Cu, Rh, Ru, Pd complexes and/or NPs) supported on mesoporous silicas for (stereo)selective reactions;

development of devices for in-situ characterization of catalytic materials.

Research Publications

Vladimiro Dal Santo is the author of over 80 papers, published in journals and books, and of one PCT patent in the time period 1998 - 2016. Among them:

  • 75 were published in international journals and are traced by SCOPUS and ISI Web of Science.
  • 2 were published in books or journals (not-ISI publications).
  • 4 were published in national books or journals.

Considering uniquely the ISI Web of Science data bank (updated at November 2016), Vladimiro Dal Santo is the author of 74 international papers, with a Citation Index of 1727 and Hirsch-Index of 24.






75    P. Carniti, A. Gervasini, F. Bossola, V. Dal Santo "Cooperative action of Brønsted and Lewis acid sites of niobium phosphate catalysts for cellobiose conversion in water" Appl. Catal. B: Environ., 193 (2016) 93-102.


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Scientific Collaborations

Prof. Federico Boscherini, Dr. Lucia Amidani
University of  Bologna - Bologna, Italy

Prof. Sandro Recchia
University of Como-Insubria - Como, Italy

Dr. Francesco Vizza
CNR-ICCOM - Florence, Italy

Dr. Mattia Allieta
Specialchimica s.a.s. - Merate (Lecco), italy

Prof. Antonella Gervasini, Prof. Ilenia Rossetti, 
Prof. Elena Selli, Dr. Alessandro Minguzzi
University of Milan - Milan, Italy

Prof. Franca Morazzoni
University of Milano Bicocca - Milan, Italy

Prof. Alessandra Beretta
Politecnico di Milano – Milan, Italy

Dr. Fabio Di Fonzo
Center for Nanoscience and Technology - IIT – Milan, Italy

Dr. Anne Galarneau
MACS-CNRS - Montpellier, France

Prof. Saveria Santangelo
University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria - Reggio Calabria, Italy

Dr. Giancarlo Salviati, Dr. Filippo Fabbri
CNR-IMEM – Parma, Italy

Prof. Tanya Tsoncheva
IOCCP-BAS - Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Paolo Fornasiero
University of Trieste - Trieste, Italy

Dr. Marco Malvestuto, Dr. Giuliana Aquilanti, Dr. Luca Olivi
Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste - Trieste, Italy


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